Disciplinary Rules

1.Candidates shall abide by the rules & regulations in force as well as those that may be issued by the Institute from time to time.

2.False declaration of qualification by the candidate will disqualify his/her admission to the Institute including appropriate penal action.                                                      

3.This Prospectus provides all necessary information that you need as a student of the Diploma courses of the college.If you still need further clarification please contact Principal/Director/Administrative Officer.

4.The admission is confirmed only; after submission of admission fee.   

5.The student is entitled to have the RollNo, Identity Card, and Invoice after the admission.

6.A student must carry his/her Identity Card while attending the theory/practical sessions and produce it on demand.

7.Assessment shall not be granted and a student shall not be allowed to appear for examination if his/her progress, conduct is not satisfactory or has not paid all dues.

8.In case, a student requires remaining absent for some reason, he/she will be required to take the prior permission of the Head of the Department/Teacher In charge.

9.Students should be regular and punctual in attending classes, assignments and submissions of the practical files of various subjects.

10.The candidate has to surrender his/her Identity Card at the time of receiving the diploma.

11.The institution will not be responsible for any loss of belongings left at its premises.

12.Smoking, Drinking (alcohol) eating Chewing etc. are strictly prohibited inside the premises.

13.Student accompanied by visitor/friend /relative will not be allowed into the class / machine room.

14.The institution may revise, amend or change any of the foregoing rules from time to time if required.

15.Vehicle of student should be parked only in that area as provided for that purpose. The institute accepts no responsibility for their safe custody.

16.Any change in the address of the student must be notified in writing to the institute`s office.

17.Use of mobile phones in the premises of the Institute is prohibited.

18.Ragging of students in any form within or outside the college and hostel is strictly prohibited. Defaulters will be strictly dealt with as per anti ragging rule.

19.Any student found guilty / misbehaving violating the instruction of the authority or found violating any of the above points may be fined, suspended or terminated from the institution with prior notice.

Students are expected to observe norms of good behavior, rules and regulations prescribed and orders issued by the institute authorities from time to time.