Message from Director HR`s Desk

Technical education is a mission of spiritual and intellectual development of a person with commitment to humanitarian and technical goal.

I think, whatever India will be in the next generation depends upon what role teachers play in and outside the classrooms. In the modern scenario, the role of the teacher is changing due to the pressure of social and economical changes. It is the teachers who train the students in virtues and graces that will strengthen the nation.

I welcome all the new entrants to this institution and assure you that on our part; we will never let your hopes defeated and together we both would march towards progress and prosperity.

I am confident that, our institute will contribute a lot in making of morally and technically competent Technicians/programmers ready to render their expertise and services to the industry and society. I assure you that your ward will be definitely a successful engineer for nation building.

I assure, everybody interested that; with the grace of God, Global Polytechnic College is on fast track not only in imparting skills and capabilities to students but also striving for their all round personality growth.

Global Polytechnic College is moving on a fast track and providing best technical education as well as personality development programs with the slogan "We Believe in Quality".

The Polytechnic is achieving new heights.  The first batch of students is in progress. The Polytechnic now has grand building structure as per requirements. Laboratories and Workshops are equipped with latest machinery and equipments, which only few institutes can boast of. The far sighted management of SBMS Group is not only helping but encouraging in every way to put this polytechnic amongst the best in the state. With the support from management,committed faculty and hard work put in by the students, the polytechnic students have got merit positions in the examinations held by Punjab State Board of Technical Education & Industrial Training, Chandigarh. The polytechnic has an active Carrier Guidance Cell, which has guided more than 50 village and 10,000 students regarding the carrier.

I invite the public and industry to see for themselves what the polytechnic is doing to convert the students into not only competent Technicians but also responsible citizens of India.

All are invited to visit the Polytechnic to verify what we are saying, we actually are doing.

I hope, you will visit the institute not only to observe and experience the academic and other facilities, but also to interact with our management, staff and students.