Library Facility


Library is the delivery platform of new ideas and is virtually the heart of the institution. It is the real center of learning in any institute where knowledge is stacked in the form of books,magazines, journals etc. Students can learn  in the library other than what is taught in the class rooms.

Library and information centers in Technical Institution have been playing important role in enriching the knowledge of the students, teachers and other members of the institution. In other words the library is a powerhouse where knowledge is generated and distributed to .the users in various ways like issue of books, information through network etc.

The college have well-established Library set up with latest technical and non-technical magazines, which caters to the need of the students, research scholars and the faculty.  This collection is expanded and updated each year.

College Libraries provides Book Bank Facility to the students in which one textbook per subject is provided on term basis. 

Library Rules

During college hours, library is opened to all the students perusing their polytechnic study from the institution. A library is satisfying the thirst for knowledge; to enable this task certain rules are required to be followed for conduct of discipline for benefit to all.These rules will help in creating necessary condition under which the librarian the modern sense can be established and maintained adequately to serve the needs of users.

The rules are given below:

1.Student must bring library card complete with photo identifications duly signed by librarian and Principal .

2.The books will be issued only when the library card is produced before the librarian.

3.Books can be issued only on personal card.

4.Student must maintain pin drop silence in the library.

5.Books will be issued only for 15 days.After 15 days students charged @ 5/- per day as a late return fine & the book issued to the borrower is damaged or destroyed he/she will have to pay the fine as per library norms.

6.Students are strictly prohibited to bring  personal book and  belonging in the Library.

7.If a student wants to keep the books for more than 15 days, the book will be re-issued to him/her on the decision of librarian.



Identity Card & Library Card is issued only at the entry level in the college. Students should preserve the same till completion of their education in the college. Students should fill in the prescribed form as soon as the fees are paid in the college office for obtaining I-Card/Library card. Students should carry I-Card in the college campus and produce when asked for.