Message from Director HR`s Desk


In the era of modern technology,the conventional education does not serve the purpose.New discoveries in the field of science & technology are being made all over the world.Our youth also shall have to develop a scientific out- look based on latest technology to keep pace with rest of the advanced nations.In developed countries the use of Computer & Electronics gadgets have become a way of life where as  our youth in India still lags behind. 

Punjab has seen many  revolutions in the field of Agriculture,Dairy, Pisciculture and Apiculture but revolution in technical education is still awaited.The expanding industries would require a technically skilled manpower, creating a need for a technical institute in the rural areas. 

Keeping in view the need for technocrats in the up coming industries, Bhai Mani Singh Educational & Charitable Trust has established Global Polytechnic College to serve the youth of South West rural Punjab & adjoining states.The college will help the students to develop their potential & to become responsible members of the Society.                             

On behalf of the Trust & faculty of the college,I assure to create a healthy academic environment and needed inputs for all round development of the students.

Sh. Sant Lal Yadav
(Director HR)
Mob. 9386032511